Burning several divx movies in dvd-rw for stand-alone player




I save several divx movies, usually 5, in a single dvd-rw, using my Benq 1655, and Benq play them fine in my computer, when I click each file (using MPC player). But what about playing them in a stand-alone dvd/divx player? I intend to buy one, so I thought I ask here. Will my old dvd-rw made for PC, work also as is in a standalone divx player? Or must the divx movies be arranged in a different folder/file structure? I usually put each movie in its own folder, togethr with a subtitle srt file. Does that structure work also in stand-alone divx players? How will I be able to select which movies to play?

Or do I have to create new dvd-rw’s for the standalone player?
and if so, Is there a tool that enables me to generate a menu or something compatible for stand-alone players?


Some DVD players will play DivX movies in an .avi container file. The player usually has its own menu system that allows you to select the files.

Alternatively you can get software such as ConvertXtoDVD which will re-encode the DivX to MPEG2 and generate the appropriate DVD-Video file structures.


You might need to use Rs and not RWs. A newer player might be able to handle it, but I know older players will only play DVD+Rs (like my first gen DVD player at home).


I’ve today bought myself a DVD recorder that’ll plays Divx films.

So far I’ve got it to work onto a CD-RW but struggling with DVD+RW. I think it’s just a case of getting the file system correct.

I’ll update this thread if I get anywhere.


On my Pioneer DVR440 it doesn’t seem possible to play Divx movies that have been burned onto a DVD RW disk & I’ve tried various formats (ISO,UDF 1.02/1.50 etc).

I’m fortunate that the DVR440 reads/writes DVD-RAM disks & by formatting these as UDF1.50 I can copy the files on to that on my PC & the DVR440 plays them perfectly.


All divx, or just the old divx3/4 codecs?
Yesterday, I bought a Chinese player, branded ‘G.Star’ model: DIVX-555. Its cheap, but well built and has impressive features (SD card reader, USB flash/disk reader, can ff and rewind with up to 20x speed, step frames etc.)
It plays DivX5.x/6.x movies fine. It also plays Xvid movies. But it failed to play old DivX.3 movies. Is that the case with all players?
Unfortunately, most of my old disks has divx3/4 movies. Do you think there is an easy tool that I can use to convert them to divx6? I have Virtualbub and mod, but find them a bit hard to use.

Btw, my player handles dvd-rw’s just fine. I use nero lite to burn the images (can take 6 700mb-movies in one 4gb disk)


I didn’t try with DVD-RW , must do that right now.

The only films I’ve tried so far have all been Xvid which mine is quite happy with so I can’t really comment on Divx versions.


Divx3 (and many variants) was not a proper Mpeg4 video format, but a hack of a microsoft codec.
No divx player will play divx3.

For large quantities (aka batch jobs) you can either use Virtualdub, or Super to batch process large number of files into Divx 4,5 or 6.
Xvid can be a pain, but for most modern player, but should be ok.

Virtualdub for good quality 2 pass, but it requires setup of each file individually, or Super (The easiest) to have them all the same quality/bitrates/etc.

Divx3 was a terrible codec, so quality has already been significantly lost, so it probably doesn’t matter that much which way you go :wink:

Super is likely the easiest way to do it. Drag and drop your movies into it, set it up for about 900Kb/s Video & Mp3 audio, at about 160Kb/s stereo and away you go :wink:


Divx3 (and many variants) was not a proper Mpeg4 video format, but a hack of a microsoft codec.
No divx player will play divx3.

I’m pretty sure mine does - I seem to remember playing one about a year ago. I no longer have the file / disc so i’ve checked the specs and they seem to confirm this.

So far it’s played pretty much everything I’ve tried whether its on +/- R/RW and doesn’t seem too picky about the type of folder / filing system used. It also seems to handle discs with multiple files in various formats without any problems. Including DivX 6.X and something called .dat, neither of which are quoted.

Ok, now to the bad part. In my experience irrespective of file / format / disc etc, DivX and / or Xvid files, if playable, can still cause some issues (probably due to the the firmware of the machine). These will obviously vary from machine to machine and are sometimes only as minor as playback being a little jumpy but can be more extreme.

The moral of the above being - even if your machine will play them its still sometime better to convert to something like mpeg2.

If you have a great player and have no problems go with the existing format however, the options suggested debro and imkidd57 are probably the safest route.

Personally I use tmpgenc with ffdshow as a directshow encoding filter. I think these are still free and although can be a little complicated I have experienced sound sync problems using other methods.


Thanks for your good tips. I’ve downloaded Super. This may sound funny, but I failed to find out any button to start converting! I remember downloading it before and I also failed to know its big secret! how do I make it start converting? I drag & drop a movie into its window at bottom, but nothing happens… and there is no button to start it either…


Quick Linkto Super Download page.

Oops Right Click & Specify Output Folder*/end Oops*

You need to make the settings similar to those in the accompanying image.

You also need to make sure that you get the right framerate! Otherwise you get jumpy video.
Right click on the video file & select properties -> And then summary.
Pick the closest match on Super.

*** This is the only downfall of Super, you need to make sure all the source videos are the same framerate, and that the output framerate matches the source framerate **

Once you’ve dragged & dropped all the source vids in, Just hit the “Encode” button selected :wink:


I can’t thank you enough for your generocity and wonderful details.
It turned out that all the buttons at the bottom wasn’t showing because my resolution is set on 800x600 (I like to keep a distance between me and the monitor). I fear one day they will probably shoot guys with weak eye sight in the head.

I’ve followed your instructions, and its encoding now… looks like it will take about 3 hours to encode a 600mb file, is that normal?

and another question: should I match the audio bitrate too? my file is 192, but I set it as 160 as per your instructions…


Sound about right for a 1hr 30min encode.

Any bitrate above 128KB/s is fine, I’d set it to 192 though to match the previous encoding.

If you want to get fancy, you can set it to no audio, and then use virtualdub to take the Video stream from your new encodings, and the audio streams from the originals and mux them together.

Probably getting a bit complicated though. Supers the quick & easy method right :wink: And 99.9% of the population won’t hear the difference anyway if you just re-encode the audio as MP3/AC3. :wink: