Burning several ape/flac files into dvd...is that possible?

I have several music files as ape or flac and I would like to burn them into dvds…so I can save space…is that possible?



no problem. Convert your music into ape or flac and then burn them as data DVD using your favourite DVD burning application.


Yes, you can burn them using any tool capable of burning a data DVD, and the data DVD will just contain the APE and FLAC files.

You won’t be able to play music from the DVD in a normal DVD player if that’s your intention, however.

If you want to archive important stuff, you should always save (i.e. burn) the files onto at least two different pieces of media (e.g. DVDs) and store them in different locations if possible.

thank you for your suggestions…
do you save them in envelopes?

what do you think about DVD audio creator and other software that claim to do this, burning flac and being able to listen in dvd players?