Burning/saving directly from internet

I’ve got a Lite On 48x12x48 cdrw w/Nero’s latest version & I’m using Windows 98 SE.

Here is an example of what I would like to be able to do:

I am gathering vast info on computer repair. If I find an article on C-Net.com that has usefull info, I want to be able to save that info to my computer or disc without having to print it. Is this possible, or am I dreaming?

I thank you all for your time & consideration on this matter.


how about saving the page? (file-save-as)

The download from the internet is not fast enough to burn it directly onto CD.

Only possibility I can think of is using Packet Writing (InCD, DirectCD or something similar) and store it onto CD-RW.

The other option is what rdgrimes mentioned, save the files to your harddisk and brun them all at once onto a CD-R

The ‘save as’ option is not available on almost all of the articles from various sites. right now I’ve got the links on ‘My Favorites’. InCD came w/my Lite On disc (Nero). So I’ll try that.

Thanks a lot for your quick response. BTW! I’m very impressed with this site & I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around here & there.:wink: :cool:

You might be able to use software to capture the pages. Some java pages that you cant right click on cant be copied, because people dont want the pages’ content copied.

But certain software like( the page I have pasted a url to and its supposed to be free http://www.webattack.com/Freeware/misctools/fwoffline.shtml

try that and see if that works for you.

Thanks cloakdoa! I’ll check it out & let ya know what’s going on. And if/when I find anything else out, I’ll post back to keep ya’ll informed.

I’ve downloaded WebStripper 2.2 from the link that cloakdoak provided. I will try it out in the next couple of days & update this post.

Use the latest DirectCD 5.3. Its more stable than InCD.

I have had enough of InCD.:frowning:

A bit of an update: I tried the WebStripper 2 last night a couple of times & I see that I’ve got to figure out how to calm it down a bit. I thought I had it configured to download the webpage being viewed & it kept downloading & downloading. I thought, “Man! This thing is kinda slow!”. I couldn’t see exactly what it was downloading so I used the ‘Pause & Parse’ button & saw that it was downloading EVERY page on the site. A massive tech reference site. It was getting late & I had to stop for the night. I’ll work on it over the holidays & post again.

I remember reading something about INCD not writing properly under certain functions but I can’t remember what. What are the problems that you’ve had w/it? The reason I’m asking is that I plan on backing everything up these next few days I’ve got off.

Thanks! :cool:

when i was a kid, we had copy paste

just get a regular download manager, and put the webpage links into the download queue. it’ll take care of it. i know for sure that that works with flashget - probably with getright as well.

of course, OPERA can do it as well.

@Happy Hillbilly

Here is the link:


Stay away from InCD, atleast for now. Use DirectCD 5.3 if you can. The most stable packet writing software I have used till now.

I’m going to have a look now!:cop:

UPDATE: I’m sorry it took me so long to give an update. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on this until the last day or so.

When rdgrimes had suggested the ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ option I was thinking about right clicking on the page I wanted to download. That is why I said that option was not available. But as it turns out, in MSIE, there is a ‘File’ menu in the toolbar, (which I hadn’t considered). Once you click on the ‘File’, a menu drops down that gives the ‘Save As’ option. By clicking on this, I then have to change the format for which to save the page in. I change it to *.txt, (text), and I get the text only, no graphics. I don’t want/need the graphics. Then when I view the downloaded file it opens up in ‘NotePad’. I then can edit file if I need to. This is what I was looking for.

I want to thank you all for your time & help on this. I really do appreciate it. :bow: