Burning satelitte to PC dvd burner

I am trying to find information on how to record from my Direct TV
satellite reciever to my PC without having to use a pci satellite card.

My satellite reciever has dolby digital output and i was wondering if there is a sound card or capture device available on the market that would allow me
to record a movie from my satellite reciever in dolby digital and burn to dvd
on my PC. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at SageTV (www.sage.tv). I have two PCs with Hauppauge PVR cards (a 250 and a 350) and record directly from my two RCA DirecTV receivers (via S-Video connection).

SageTV is sort of a TIVO for PC, and more. It lets you schedule shows to record on a regular basis, downloads a 2 week schedule of upcoming shows via the internet (no fee, so it beats TIVO big time!).

It creates DVD compliant MPEG2 files, that I just bring into my favorite DVD authoring program and burn dvds from it. It works like a champ, and I’ve got over 500 dvds burned to prove it.

Does this card allow you to capture the dolby digital stream from your satellite or just

I do not know of any software off-hand which can capture a dolby diigtal stream along with video. Even if you do come across suitable software, you will also need a soundcard with a digital S/PDIF in as TV-Tuners generally do not capture the audio at all, but instead passes it to the soundcard.

When choosing SVHS cables, ensure that it is high quality such as gold-plated plugs. I have tried using a standard SVHS to photo adaptor kit, but it picks up interference easily such as zig-zag lines though the picture if placed near the VGA monitor cable. :eek:

Good luck with your setup :cool:

I understand about the sound card and there are a cuople that do have digital optical and coaxial inputs, but what it does not say is if the input is just a pass through to the digital out or if it will allow you to capture the digital audio to the computer. And i know tv cards are just for video
I am looking at getting video capture cards not tv tuner cards.

And i also make all my own cables for all my audio/video applications.

I’d like to record satellite HDTV to my PC but I heard the service company showhow makes it impossible.

Sadly there is not much selection here in europe available regarding HDTV.
But at least it works with a non-hardware mpeg2-decoder equipped DVB-s card like the SkyStar2 models.


Can you offer a schematic of how this all fits together.

My PVR is a Compaq Pentium 4 (2ghz) with 512mb of RAM, and 160gb hard disk. Running Windows XP Home. It has a Hauppauge PVR250 adapter (has video/audio, coax and S-video inputs). Its connected to my RCA DirecTV receiver via S-Video (and stereo connections). Also connected from the PC to the receiver is a serial cable (to the low speed data port of the RCA receiver). It controls the channel changes.

I record high quality video (can fit 4 - 45minute episodes per dvd in near perfect quality) directly to MPEG2 files. The software, SageTV, allows me to schedule my favorite shows, and movies, and any quality level. Once recorded, I bring them into my authoring program (TMPGenc DVD Author) and create/burn my dvds. The result is dvds near commercial quality.


Thanks. The only other connection to my receiver (Bell ExpressVu 3100) is the phone line port? Is this the same thing.

If not, it looks like I will need and IR device.

Unfortunately, the phone line port is only for connection to an actual phone line. Depending on the receiver and Satellite TV provider, this is generally used for Pay-per-view services, live interactive services as well as for the provider to check-up on the receiver. In the last example, Sky Digital in the UK requires owners of two or more receivers to have their boxes connected to the phone line such that Sky can make sure that they don’t ‘lend’ one to a friend or bring it outside their home.

Sorry, Stoffy, looks like you’ll have to go with an IR remote. I’ve got an Ir200L that I no longer need (since I’m hard wired via Low Speed port). Email me (padre_too@yahoo.com) if you’re interested.


There’s a DirecTV receiver/HD/TIVO available now that can record HDTV and Dolby Digital sound to it’s internal HD. It’s around $1000 US I think.


The TOPFIELD PVR 7x00 DVB-S TWIN-Receivers which will be soon available can also decode and record HDTV signals…

You can’t do it in the US with DirecTV, Unless you get a very expensive “conversion” to select receivers at 169time.com. Some people are having success with cable boxes with firewire, but these observe 5C copy protection.