Burning Safedisk With Nero and Daemon

I am urgently trying to make backups of some games that I have to relinquish soon. I had problems copying about nine games because they had safedisk and were over 800 MB. So I bought 900MB disks for a high price.
I have downloaded daemon so that I can play the games while it is running, I hope. But ideally I would like to copy the iso images without the errors and be able to play them without needing any third party programs running in the background.
Any help would be appreaciated. And I have a tight budged so commercial software is out of the question. I need something that works for free.:cool:

If you have to relinquish the games soon, then it sounds like you are asking for help copying software you don’t own - which is against the rules of this forum. :cop:

So far as the disk capacity goes, the reported size might be to do with the copy protection - a deliberate attempt to make copying the discs difficult. I don’t think there’s any pressed CDs that are more than 700MB. I’m no copy protection expert, though.


Well I have bought 900MB from a specialist retailer. If I had a dvd burner than I could have just used 4.7gig, but I dont. Can anyone guide me in how to copy the game using freeware or tempfreeware? Something that will beat safedisk and copy a perfect iso of a game?:cop: :a

By the way, I own the games, but expect to throw a tantrum in a an hour and take it out on the games hence braking them, because I am not having any success copying these games, so I had better make backups.