Burning ritek G04 in nec2500A

There are so many posts on these forums that mention ritek G04, and everyone recommends a different firmware.

Basically, i remember something about a ritek G04 firmware with an alternative (good) writing strategy that hasnt been impletemented in the latest 107b5 or 107b4 firmwares.

As ritek G04 is the only media i use, i am just after the best burns (dont mind if its 4x only, would of course prefer 6x or 8x).

Can i please have a definitive answer on the best firmware to use for this media.

I’m using the 107b5 firmware with my G04s and haven’t encountered any problems so far. I can even burn at 8x without any problem but still prefer to burn at 4x just to make sure I have the best quality.

ritek g04 @8x nec 2500 1.07v2b4

I have bad burns with 107v2b5 and ritek g05, r03, and fijifilm, all those 8x certified. Should I switch to 107v2b4 or something else? Or just the 8x media was just not ready?

It is the write strategies for these newer 8X media provided by Nec/TDK/HP has not been perfected yet.

I believe Herrie does not create new write strategies for media; he mix and match and test media with the available strategies at various speed and determine which strategies work best at what speed for what media.

So what do I do now? What is the right startegy to burn g05, r03, etc. Just downspeed at 4x? I was told that r03 was not yet mature therefore ritek’s own branded with r03 dye does not claim 8x but Cyqve made with r03 does. Just wonder if the same is true for g05 as it was prodata branded.

quite a few people are getting ok burns with datawrite greytop G05 disks, however im not sure how good prodata are are a brand.

the problem with ritek discs is that they vary massivly in quality even throughout a spindle, so if you want to be guarenteed good results all the time, you will have to burn at 4x.

I believe it is kinda both; the write strategies could be improved I am sure and the media quality/QC could improve as well.

Have you tried the newest HP420N 1.28??? It seems to have new strategies incorporated. Might help with newer 8X media.

Ive bought some Datawrite 8X Grey tops and they are not Ritek they are Fuji dye.

I have a 2510a and they write very well at 8x

The most recent strategy version numbers are still in the TDK 1.34 firmware. It could mean they improved the strategies, it could also mean they only added more and newer media…
The TDK firmware, however, does not support bitsetting or DL… :sad:

You can get my modified version for the NEC here: