Burning/Ripping and basic Newbie question



:confused: …Hello everyone. I have a quick question in regards to taking my mp3 files and putting them on a disc so I can listen to them on my CD-R or DVD-R player. I used to do it about 3 years ago on my Brother’s computer. Now I have my own comp and I’ve almost completely forgotten how to simply copy the mp3s to disc, let alone how to convert to wav files, and editing them and adjusting the sound. I used to make great Cds with about 25 tunes to a disc. Yesterday my computer started making weird noises making me think I’m due for a complete re-do :a . I’d be happy for a reccomendation as to which free downlable cd burner to use to simply save my 289 mp3s to a disc that I can listen to on the afore mentioned devices. If I could get back to crafting/editing CDs as I used to, that would be great as well! But Long story short…how do I put my mp3s to disc and what is the difference between “burning” and “Ripping”? Thanks in advance for any help or comments. Peace. :cool:


Use nero and if you want to put them to disc as mp3 use the cd-rom (iso) icon and if you want to put them as wav use audio cd icon…



Great (and free) audio authoring software = EAC

Can get it at: www.exactaudiocopy.de/



Well I tried to download nero, but it seems one has to download three seperate “components” to get the trial version. I tried to dwnload section one, but a one hour+ wait for it discouraged me from waiting to try all three. At three plus hours and not being sure of what one is getting, I opted for Mike’s link. That system is in the form of a zip file. Being a newbie, I can’t seem to properly open it. I have an axtractor, but, as I’ve stated, being a newbie is indeed a drawback, and I have no idea as to what I’m doing with a zip file. Help :confused: , please! I need a simple, easy to download/use free trial version of something to do the above and much mentioned activity!


Are you using windows own zip programme to extract the archive (zip/rar/ace)? If so you can try WinACE it gives a free trial version, http://www.winace.com/

What country are you in, if you don’t mind me asking? If in the UK take a trip to WH Smiths or any other shop that has a good selection of PC magazines, as Nero is currently available for free on the cover of one of them.

Try music match jukebox for a free and easy to use programme. http://www.musicmatch.com/



Go to the “General Software Forum” - at the top there is a “Read First” and says “Free Software Downloads” scroll down to “zip extractors” and look for something like “7-Zip”

Download that - open it and it will lead you through the unzipping proceedures-



Thanks Mike, I’ll try that. In between my last post and this, I downloaded a couple burners and may try and install them as well as yours. I’m sorry to be so “needy”, but once I get started I’ll be cool. I’m finding that some burners come with a “Bundle” that looks ominous. I aborted those. I hope I’m not screwing up my comp with bundles yet! :rolleyes: Does window itself offer any free burners? This will (hopefully :bigsmile: ) be my last question of the evening. I’ve been slogging away at this for about six hours now, but I’m glad I ran into this site. Peace.


Eh, i think something is wrong with my comp. Everytime i install a burner, I get an error/invalid notice. Now when I put a cd into my comp, it doesn’t play it. The media player looks as though it’s playing it, but no sound comes out. I’m screwed. Thanks anyway bro. :a


Can you give us the exact error message you are getting.