Burning RICOHJPNR01 4x at 2.4x - 'warning' on label



On my Ricoh-labeled RICOHJPNR01 DVD+R discs, are labels stating: “Caution: this disc is compliant with the new standards for 1x-4x recording. Attempting to use this media with 2.4x DVD+R devices that do not support 4x recording may result in writing error, failures in data-retrieval or damage to the recorded data.”

If I understand correctly, writing at 2.4x is fine, but only in a drive that also supports 4x? I guess so, but they could have worded is better for stupid non-english speakers like me…

Secondly, and more importantly, having studied the graphs posted in the Ricoh test thread, I am inconclusive about one thing that I cannot test myself (I don’t have a Lite-On writer, but a NEC 1300A): does burning 4x media at a lower speeds, for example 2.4x, give better results, roughly the same, or - worse results?

For example, I know from cd-tests that my Plextor 4824 has a ‘sweetspot’ for CD-R discs, which is 16-32x for crappy media and 32-40x for proper discs. This produces least errors.

Cheers guys


I thought that it all started by Pioneer -R 2x burner which will damage your drive if you put 4x this in.


No idea why it crossover into +R world.

Burning at lower speed giving better quality is not always true. Some disks are better at higher speed. Some are the same. The only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. I only try every time i switch media brands/drives.

Without kprobe, you can still do CD/DVDspeed from nero. Looking for nice curve graph. I bought a Liteon burner for kprobe, however. It’s just much easier to see. :wink: