Burning RFL Image files with Nero?

Hi guys,
I’ve just un-rared an image file, an RFL file to be precise. How do I go about burning this with Nero? I’ve done the Burn From Image thing, which pops up the Foreign Image Settings dialogue box. What do I select? Whatever I do it tells me the block size does not correspond to the image length. That’s all very nice but how am I supposed to know the image length??
Thanks in advance…

Before you give anymore details about where you got the file and what sort of file it is, i should remind you that no illegal activities are condoned in the CD Freaks Forums.

That’s why I didn’t mention anything specific about said file.
If you’d rather I drop the subject - that’s cool.

Source: FileExt.com
RISAFloor Analysis & Design
Reason Sound File
Guardian Database Roll-forward File

Don’t think it is an image file…or it is a new format

I have the same question as oobergoober. Please help me!