Burning Red Alert 2?

Hi im having problems with Red alert 2. I burned the allied disk, and when i try to run it, the autorun comes up beautifully, but when i try to install it, it just locks up, and nothing happens. the CD drive keeps reading and reading… and never stops.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Red Alert 2 is protected by SafeDisc2. What you could do is get a crack from www.GamecopyWorld.com , which will help you play the game. If you want to make a copy of the game without using cracks your burner must support the ability to copy Safedisc2. What type of burner do you have? There is a list out there (at the time I don’t have it though :frowning: ). Off the top of my head though I know that a Philips based burner can do the job. Hope that helped, happy burning :smiley:

You can also do the following:

  1. Copy the entire content of the CD to your harddisk (e.g. D:\Ra1 or D:\Ra2).
  2. Use UnSafeDisc 2.0 by R!sC to “unprotect” the following files (both allied and other disc):
  3. Burn the whole stuff back to CD.

This is the best way to copy this (and other FIRST-version-SD2 protected games) baby! You only need to do this if you don’t have a burner that supports SafeDisc 2.0 protection! You can install the game from these copied discs as if it was an original package.

Echt gebruik clonecd dat werkt echt goed brand alles incl beveilliging

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Echt gebruik clonecd dat werkt echt goed brand alles incl beveilliging

Yes, you’re right if you own, like I said before, a burner that supports safedisc 2.0. If you don’t, the method I described works for every combination of burner/player.

Oh ja, niet om lullig tegen je te doen maar graag alleen berichten in het engels posten in dit deel van het forum.