Burning Recorded TV Show to DVD

Need help! I recorded a TV show which I am trying to burn to DVD using Sonic My DVD Plus. When starting to record, it stalls stating “Contains Non Compliant DVR-MS VIdeo” and then a box stating “One or more files could not be imported”. I don’t get it. This is standard TV stuff and not HBO etc. Can anyone explain what is happening. Thanking you in advance for any help. :bow:

This should explain it.

Hi Campbellini - you sound as though you have the sort of software I’m looking for. I have recorded a TV movie onto my computer hard disc (saved as mpeg2) and am now looking for a program to convert so I can burn to DVD. Can you recommend what you have, please.

WHY would you create a disc with such an format??

Sonic and I would not recommend it.