Burning/Reading Problems

OK so I have been trying to back up my DVD’s using DVDFab for the past week or so and only succeeded to burn some nice coasters. At first I was using the freeware version and had to drag and drop the ripped DVD files onto the disc. I have tried this on multiple computers with no luck.

My Dell laptop is running Vista business and has a Sony + - RW DW Q58A drive with the latest drivers. My home PC is running XP Media Center and has a Phillips ± RW drive. I have tried both dvd5 and dvd9(dual layer) discs, Memorex brand.

The DVDs made with the freeware version of DVDFab play on the computers only but not my home theater DVD. I attributed this to the age of the player so I bought a new Sony DVD player/recorder gx330. The burned DVDs showed as “not compatible” on the Sony dvd player and as it was a piece of crap anyways I exchanged it for the Panasonic DMR-EZ17 after researching a bit on this forum.

This unit claims to be able to read virtually any type of disk, it failed to read a single one of my burned discs. I then decided to download and use the current gold version of DVDFab as maybe the full version would work better. Actually it worked worse, now the finalized DVDs can’t be recognized in even the computer drive that created them.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to get all of the details in. Am I forgetting to do something stupid? I can’t seem to figure this out.

Please help.

Hi…welcome to the freak show :slight_smile:

You´ve just tried this one brand of disc?

I think you should try another…Verbatim would be probably the easiest to get hold of.

Let us know.

sometimes it helps to slow down burning speed (try 4x). If using -R DVDs switch from “Packet Writing” to “SAO Writing”. If using +R DVDs don’t forget to set Booktype
to “DVD-Rom”. This all are important for DVD-Player…

Memorex dvds has some trouble being played on some dvd players (mostly older players, ps2 xbox, etc.) if you do not change the booktype. I would suggest trying a better brand like verbatim or even sony or tdk as I have never had play back problems on these brands. Also if you are doing dl burns then i’d suggest using verbatim.

Hi Jim, you’ve had good advice from all posters in this thread. Finding settings and blank media that will let things work in a standalone player often requires some experimenting and figuring, but Memorex blanks are almost never part of the equation. If this continues to be a problem after reducing burn speed and trying booktyping and different media, you should get CD/DVD Speed and do some scans to see what kind of burn quality you are getting.

i used memorex for three years and nothing else. having studied the discs there did seem to be several problems with said discs namely with dye errors with quality control. i could find a problem with memorex just by looking at the disc. imperfections with press problems, insufficient coating and scratch marked discs happen in large quantities. i found in one batch of 8 cases of 25 discs dvd-r from one supplier 4 cases where unusable. i then decided to try verbatims and have studied these in great detail, suffice to say i have made 1 coaster with verbatim DVD-R or +R 16x in 2 years and this was a bottom disc in a pack of 50 which had a small scratch. as i require reliable discs in my work and play i can not recommend highly enough this product and will continue to use verbatims and “NOTHING ELSE BUT”!

Right on guys I will try the Verbatims…needed an excuse to go to Fry’s!!! Will Return my Pack of Memorex DVD+R DL.