Burning questions

I have a Lite-on 12x10x32 CDRW (sold by Hi-Val, but checked it is a regular lite-on) also a 52x CDrom drive.

I have used ECD 5.0 plat, Nero, Clone CD, and Win XP Pros own burning software. My problem is that I don’t seem to be able to copy CD’s very well no matter which CD software I use. My friend has a Lite-on 24X writer and Oem CDrom and burns almost any CD he want’s. We were using the exact same CDR/CDRW disks.

I can copy music and make data cds no problem.

Example: Burning a copy of Diablo 2 for a back up disk I can’t, but he can. In fact he can even burn EA games now. I have not been able to do but only one program CD that was over 2 years old using clone CD.

My questions are:

Is there a difference in the CDRW’s that would cause some to burn successfuly more than others?

How about the CDrom’s capability, is that an issue? It’s a 52 times reader but it is about 3-4 years old.

He suggested in getting a DVDrom drive (even tho I don’t watch DVD’s on my computer) because the DVDrom drives are more powerfully lazered, is this true?



Well after searching around here and trying different things I think I have come to this:

  1. this should probably should have been in the Newbe cat.
    Sorry about that, but I did not think I was a newbe but I guess I am.

  2. The main game that I want to copy is Diablo 2 LOD. From reading the other posts I think it’s a limitation of my burner. I tried several different settings includeing the profiles from this site and the cloneCD region hack and still no go.

So I can only think it’s a witer limitation.


Good to see you found your answers here on your own.

You have proven the point I always make :wink:

(would have helped myself if I had more technical knowledge though)