Burning question?

Using the pioneer A04 burner -connected by way of usb- and a Toshiba dvd-rom -which is in my compaq presario laptop-.

I’ve been using nero software and meritline dvd-r’s to make 1 to 1 backups of playstation2 games -on the fly- and it’s been working great. I’ve also been able to make backups of my backups. Recently my toshiba player started making a wierd skipping sound and won’t read any of my backups. It will however, read the originals. I can’t figure out what’s going on…

I’m wondering if it might have something to do with switching my operating system to xp… I just did that a few day’s ago and this is the first time that I’ve attempted to make a backup of a backup since the switch.

Anyone?? Please…??

O-yeah, I have Nero…

Come on people help me! :confused:

It could be an XP issue as in some ways it resembles something I experienced. I have a collection of CDs containing mp3s (about 25 discs) which I burned under Win98SE. XP will not read these CDs for some reason. Not just on my system, as I tested it on a couple of different systems running both XP Home & Pro editions. These are just discs created as data discs. Fortunately I can still boot into 98SE and copy the files on the CDs to the HD, and then reburn them under XP, and then they work fine. I haven’t found a solution to making those discs usable under XP thus far :frowning:

Fortunately I can still boot into 98SE and copy the files on the CDs to the HD,

This sounds like it could be helpful to my current prob. How can I tell if my pc will do this? I had ME and I just upgraded to XP…


Well I have a dual boot setup. 98SE & XP Pro. Here’s a link from MS with instructions on how to create a multi-boot system in XP:

HOW TO: Create a Multiple-Boot System in Windows XP


Hey thanx for the link…It has good info! I think I’m going to leave this as plan B.

SO if ANYONE has an idea what buggin my player let me know…