Burning Question

Hi ! I’m a newbie and i got some questions for yall.

Is there difference in burning DVD movies and “dumb data” like rar archives or whatever files?

I mean, if i backup just some folders off my hard disk, is it safe to burn them at full speed? In the case of burning DVD movies, ppl often recommend to burn the discs at a speed less than the maximum. Does the recorder think any difference between burning DVD movies, Audio CDs, or just random files ?

What i am trying to ask you ppl is that is it somehow “safer” to burn just plain data discs at faster speeds?

Well Most likely a slower speed has less chances of missing data (skipping, ext). It is safe to burn at a high speed. It really just depends on what you are burning, usally movies and audio need to be burned at a slower speed becuase they are more senstive.

Thank you for your answer. So burning “dumb data” like rar archives could be done @ full speed, with good media ?

Can i use tools like Nero CD/DVD Speed to somehow find out at what max speed the current media is safe to burn?

If so, Can you or anyone guide me how to do this ?

Anybody ? does anybody know how i can test a safe speed to burn CD/DVD media?

And oh yeah, how can i test if my drive can overread lead-in/lead-out ?