Burning Question

How can I burn 2 GB File? Because I have Black and White 2 here and I want it to transfer this folder to my cd. I already bought my CD Burner here. Dont have DVD burner…

2GB onto standard 700MB CD cannot be done

how can I split those files? to make it like the cd that is being sold in the stores?

i have no idea - sorry

its ok, i appreciate your kindness…

If you have winzip or winrar, you can create a multivolume archive doing zero compression (in this way is faster). You can split volumes @700 MB each. When you need to unpack the file you can extract from archive on HD.

If this file is an AVI you can split in segments with virtualDub and burn each segment on a single CD.

a work-around, if all u want is to install & play the game, is to install a virtual drive like

then load the dvd image into the virtual drive, install & play. note however that not all games will run from virtual drives thesedays