Burning Question, Please Help


I’m trying to figure out how I would go about burning two avi’s to dvd, but my attempts in doing so have been unsucessful. all I’ve been able to figure is to convert both to DVD format, but the finsihed result is 2 files that would require a DVD a piece, both movies in raw format total 1.4GB in size, so do I have to convert them to SVCD or VCD before I can burn them to a single DVD?

I’ve read many articles about this but the suggestions given would require me going through 4 or 5 different progs before I get what I want and that’s just not acceptable, Isn’t their an easier way?

Please don’t assume I know what your talling about as I’m extremly new in this venture as I’m use to ripping a dvd and burning to dvd.

Thanks, Rick

You sound similar to me, i have been looking for a “one stop” solution insted of the 4/5 steps using seperate authoring progs and encoders etc, I tried winavi and dvd santa and end up with nerovision express.
Join the 2 pieces with something like avi mpeg joiner or in nerovision express you can add the 2 to the project and they will be joined automatically.
You will now get posts saying nero is crap at re-encoding ect and maybe you can get better, but for a half-wit like myself i’m sticking to it.
Good luck.


The reason the result required a DVD a piece is B’coz the Bitrate(Quality you selected) was too high. Select a lower bitrate(encoding) and you will get what you want .

Hope this helps.