Burning question for DVD: Which format?

I just posted the article Burning question for DVD: Which format?.

of the recordable DVD formats (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW or DVD-RAM) that will gain the
largest market share and be the most popular format is still a controversial
question. Yahoo…

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I’ve never seen an HP burner that I trust will work…

And they are not really cheap either

I’ve given up on HP. My first CD burner was an HP and died. They replaced it after lengthy calls to support. I eventually got an HP 10X burner that was ok, but, Lite On is far better. When I switched to DVD burning, I decided on a Philips(Sony’s weren’t available when I wanted to buy one). I look forward to replacing the philips with a nice Lite On DVD burner. :slight_smile: As for HP, no thanks.

I’m not too fond of HP either for CD or DVD recordable drives as I have read many problems with these and encountered someone who sent back a HP DVD-Burner as a result of problems. I’ll go for a +/- dual burner as they are very near the price of a one-sided DVD burner. The NEC 1300 4x +/- DVD recorder has good reviews, so I’ll likely go for this one or a Liteon should one appear. :stuck_out_tongue: For features, + & - standards seem to be on par for PC DVD-ROMs with an exception that ‘+’ R’s and RW’s can be marked as a DVD-ROM to try and fool DVD drives into detecting the disc as a DVD-ROM. Many DVD-ROM drives will read DVD recordables much slower than DVD-ROMs, but by marking a DVD+R/RW as a DVD-ROM, this may improve compatiblity and improve the read performance in some DVD-ROM drives, e.g. Pioneer. :wink:
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"I’ll go for a +/- dual burner as they are very near the price of a one-sided DVD " ??? the dual burners are for single sided dvd also…double sided (2x dvd-5) are hard to get

My first CD-R drive was an HP, too. It died after just three months. I searched around on the net for info on the problem, and came to the conclusion that it was typical of HP CD-Rs. Thus: No more HP burners for me, thanks! As for the DVD burning format: Apparently, there are two big competitors, and the third format (DVD-RAM) is far less common. Now, whether DVR-R(W) or DVD+R(W) eventually wins, I don’t really care, since I’m using a dual-format Sony DRU-500. And, at least for my purposes, either format works. Still, perhaps, it would be nicer if the minus format won, since I also have a Pioneer A03 that I built into my second PC…

I had a hp 8100i burner and it worked well, so no complains. The only problem i had it was with a philips cd burner. I bought in December, when they came out in Portugal, a Sony DRU-500A, and i love-it. Just for the fact that he is the first dual burner writer i think he’s got to be mencioned. I waited for his release since Sony has promised it by the summer. I don’t know what format will win, but in Portugal between the PS2 gamers, the minus format is popular. Well, but as i have this writer, i don’t care about the winner.

If (when) I buy a DVD burner, I’d just rather get one that supports both + and - and not worry about which format is going to become more popular.

GMA-A/GSA-4040B has all: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM.

I got lend of a LaCiE DVD-RAM/R burner and tried out DVD-RAM. While DVD-RAM cannot be read in most DVD-ROM or DVD players, it does a good job for data backups. The drive was 1X write speed for DVD-RAM and transferring files over to DVD-RAM is equivalent to writing to Zip disks. DVD-RAM takes about 20 seconds to format blank and handles small (5k - 50k) files such as saved webpages very quickly at roughly 500 files/sec write and read, where as with doing a disc at once with DVD-R media, the same small files transfers at only about 50 small files per second. For larger files such as MP3’s and Video clips, DVR-R has better throughput, e.g. the LaCiE reads at 2xDVD-RAM and 5xDVD-R. DVD-RAM typically comes in a case just like a Minidisc, thus they are far less likely to be scratched. For compatibility, DVD-Video recording, file archiving, MP3 backup, etc., I would recommend staying with the other DVD standards, i.e. DVD+/-R(W)