Burning question, about burning CDs

Hi, Newbie signing in. New PC, with NERO 5 installed. Burned my first CD audio yesterday, great - no probs, and fast. I have some files on a CD-RW that I took from the old PC, but I can’t seem to delete anything from the CD. Pls can someone tell me what I should be doing to achieve this. It just keeps telling me ‘read only files’ and I can’t delete them, thus contradicting the reason for RW discs - so that they can be used like floppies…

Also, is it possible to drag & drop files from HDD to a CD-RW disc? I had adaptec before (really didn’t like it) but I could drag & drop using that.


did you use package writing on that cdrw???
or what did you use to write the data on the cdrw?

yes, you can drag and drop data, but most people seem to have problems with those kind of programs.
You can try Incd (ahead) or Directcd

Since trying out different things this afternoon, I’ve discovered that NERO InCD wasn’t installed on my PC by the supplier - luckilly, I have the disc here, and so installed it this afternoon. All seems to be going well now, and I can write to, delete, copy from the CD-RW discs.