Burning quality X speed

im trying to burn a backup game on my LG gsa-4167b burner (using DL11)
i have some kind of problem
i can only write 4X/8X speeds… altough my Firmware (as far as i check) supports slower speeds as well…
the problem is that some DVD burners burn better at slower speeds and gives a better result in cd quality (depending on the speed the dvd will “live” longer as well as be read easier).
i heard it being called a “myth” but my friends actually checked it and the speed effects DVD quality (not viedo or music but the quality of the burning itself)
the question is how come i cant burn anyslower than 4X
moreover iv heard about a few DVD brands for blank CDs like “Verbatim” but those mostly being recommended for support in fast speed
the question is are there are cheaper quality brands? i dont care about the speed the improtant thing is the Media quality itslef

and one last question
im using DL11 firmware while there is DL13 aviable (im afraid to ruin my DVDburner by flashing) … will the burning quality (again i dont care about speed much) will be better with the newer firmware…
tnx ahead for any respond
(im hope im putting this in the right form… im kind of a newb after all ^_~)

Welcome to the forum.

Verbatim is recommended as being a good quality media that’ll give consistent burns in just about all burners and has good longevity. Along with Taiyo Yuden it’s the only brand to be consistently recommended.
Having said that Infiniti & Sony 16x media is also very good and some would prefer the Inifiniti 16x +R media over the Verbatim equivalent.

With modern burners and quality media there really is no need to drop the speed down too much & most here would burn 16x media at no slower than 8x, more likely sticking to 12x. There seems to be little too be gained by going slower and very often worse burns can be achieved by burning slow at , say, 4x.

Modern burners have their firmware optimised for higher speed burning so it’s generally better to keep to the higher speeds.

As for flashing your drive with DL13 it depends what the change log says for it. Often it’s a mix of better burning and/or more media support and providing the procedure is followed carefully the actual risk is minimal.

Yes, that is really a myth which is crapped.

Who wants to burn slower than 4x anyway, for what?

Update first, then try again.

first tnx for the quick response!!!
you say burning slow is a myth yet it is proved faster speed somtimes burns worse the slower…
i mean not 2X
but … 8X/4X can burn better quality than lets say 16/14
is there a way to know your burner most efficent quality speed (withouth having to make few copies and wait to see who dies quicker :confused: or wich ones gives the DVD-reader a hard time)