Burning quality under Linux - differ from Windows burned media?


Anyone made test burning same media on Linux and Windows and compare PI/PE errors of two copies ?

Burn quality is a direct result of the drive and media used, not of the OS or burning software. PIE/PIF error reporting can depend on many variables, not only the fact whether you’re using Windows or Linux. Generally speaking results will be consistent between the two.

i have differences between k3b and nero on the same machine/burner

Like Cressida said, burn quality is a function of the drive and not
the OS. If you are seeing significant differences, it would suggest
that there is a problem. Check that DMA is enabled for both

I don’t think that you will have differences from Nero Linux to Nero Burning ROM, as we are using exactly the same code in both cases.
For k3b, this is a different story, as it is using cdrecord in background.

But nevertheless, I would be curious to know the results between Nero Linux and k3b :stuck_out_tongue:

K3b uses growisofs for DVD burning and cdrecord for CD burning.

I burned a few discs with Nero Linux. I can’t remember which ones
were burned by Nero and which ones were burned by K3b :slight_smile:
I suppose the volume name would probably tell me. I will let
you know how they compare. I know that there is no significant
difference between discs burned with Nero for Windows and

I also think so… But I am just too curious to see :wink:

Burned with Nero Linux 3 beta.
Ridisc +R 16x (RITEKP16)
Burned at 16x in a Liteon LH-20A1P fw KLOM

Here is recent K3b burn. Same media, same drive.

Both scans are very typical for this media and drive combination.

Just a little test :slight_smile:

Consecutive discs from the same spindle burned on the same PC on the same burner with the same iso from the same data-partition.

  1. Nero7
  2. NeroLinux3
  3. K3b

Scanned in Linux :wink:

i have no statistics for that but:

i burn a playstation2-iso file with k3b and it does not run in the playstation, i burn exact the same iso with the same media and the same burner with nero and it works…

well…the ps2-iso is just an example, i do not really burn ps2 isos and when i do it its just a copy for myself cough :wink:

An ISO image is just an exact image of the data read from
the original PS2 disc. The PS2 doesn’t know or care which
program was used to burn it. I have made 50-100 backups
of PS2 games with K3b and/or growisofs. They work perfectly
until they get so badly scratched that I have to do it again
and again and again… :a

hm strange…but it was exactly that. burnt it with k3b and it didnt work, burnt it with nero and it worked.
Can’t say why this is :frowning: