Burning PSX Games, tottaly lost!



I have a memorex crw-1622 with NTI cd maker and Copy and I was trying to burn games like Medal Of Honor and grand theft auto 2. When I was making the Image file for GTA 2, it seemed to be really big, bigger than Tony Hawks Pro Skater. But the weird thing is that GTa2 has really cheap graphics so I don’t think it would be that big.When i start to write the cd, it just gets stuck on the TOC. Please write back and tell me how I could make copies of these games, or what type of protection the makers are using, or what program would be better to use. I am tottaly clueless. Thanks


get cdrwin it was made to copy psx


I use Nero, don’t bother with CDrWin if you wanna get a crack. That program is protected pretty damn good. I have a Philips 4x4x32 and I was able to burn both of those games you mentioned flawlessly with Nero. http://www.ahead.de


CDR-win worked for me with all available PSX-games


I can’t get Nero or CDRWin to work. I made two coasters with CDRWin…Nero just locks up my system.

I have a Ricoh RW-7040A burner. I think it’s time for the HP 9100i.


What other cd writing programs are you running ?


Use Nero for burnig PSX Games, but before you install nero you should delet all other burnig software from your PC. I had the same problem (locked system) but when i uninstalled all other software finally nero worked very good. With nero you can copy the game just one to one without using image files. Just try it.