Burning psx bin files

Im real new to this so bear with me. I have a Cendyne 16x10x40x internal cdrw drive with newest firmware. A friend sent me some games (megamanx6 and cool boarders 2k1) in bin form. They work because i play them on my epsxe emulator but now that i have a burner id like to burn them to cd and play them. (I also have a psx thats chipped that I picked up as well but some games look better on my gforce 2 graphics so i use the emulator) What should i use and what exact settings would really help. Thx

You can burn .BIN files with CDRWin. Just use the first button and load it. Simple as that :slight_smile:

u can use a variety of programs 2 burn bin image files 2 start u can use cdrwin, blindwrite, fireburner n u can also use discjuggler da newest version so there u got a few options waiting 4 ya good luck :smiley:

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