Burning PS3 Games?


Apparently there is some sort of guide on this site that shows you how to do it, I understand that all the supposed software that lets you burn the games are fake.

So I just put my Blu-Ray disk into a DVD-RW drive and made an image on the contents and then copied that to DVD would it work, I am guessing it wont because of copy protection?

P.S Greetings, I am new here, if I have broken any rules of the forum through making this thread then can you please notify me and I will apologise.

Firstly, bluray can not be read in a standard DVD drive.
Secondly, you can assume that sony engineers would be a tad smarter than letting people copy their games by dragging and dropping the contents to a new BD-R.

I’m not aware of any way to copy PS3 games correctly yet.

There isn’t a way and if there was you would have to hardware mod out your PS3 as well to allow it to play the backup.

Here ya go :wink: