Burning PS2 ISO

im having problems burning certain games for the ps2 i have read on the net that SONY has put protection on these games The protection that i am talking about is -SECUROM 7 & SAFEDISC 4 can anyone tell me how do i bypass such protection has i have burned many games using tools such as dvd decrypter,nero,alcohol 120,cdvdgen,gnies dvdiml2iso,iso buster


I would’ve thought that Alcohol would’ve been able to deal with a protection like that.

Maybe you should try using CloneCD/CloneDVD.

PS2 games do not contain copy protection like Securom or Safedisk. These are for PC. I doubt that any kind of such protection could be implemented for the PS2. You better told same titles you had problems with, then we could help more.

regards, Stephen