Burning ps2 games?

what program should i use to burn a ps2 game? and will the burned game play in an old version of PS2 without a mod chip?

Cd game - either alcohol or CloneCD.

Dvd game - almost anything, though Dvd Decrypter works well.

As for playing the back-up copy, you will need a mod chip or other boot method (e.g. swap disc).

so you don’t think that i can play it in a old (thick) PS2 consol?

The playstation boot protection has never been defeated (i.e. no-one has ever succeeded in producing a self-booting playstation disc copy) and it probably never will be.

If you want to play any playstation game from a back-up copy you [B]must[/B] either have a mod chip or another boot method.

ok then what are some booting methods? can you just give me a list via email and a Version of DVD Decrypter?

actually scratch that. i can just find it on the net. thanks though