Burning ps2 games?

if i have a dvd+/-rw and dvd decryptor how would i burn a ps2 game

according to this thread with this method:

For dvd based ps2 games just use dvd decryptor (free) mode\iso\read to read and mode\iso\write to write.

Bought ONES based on an endorsement here, but have been unable to backup my PS2 games with it. All methods I’ve used have resulted in “Unable to read disc” errors in my browser (modded with an Infinity).

Any thoughts appreciated.

Well you’re no help.

I’m obviously missing a setting… anyone enlighten me (except you, furgy)? Thanks kindly.

Try another disc just incase that one is scratched\dirty\faulty etc

Thanks bro.

I tried several discs, and also tried the different RAW options (p-w channels, etc)… nothing but coasters. Also tried Ridatas and Sony media… no difference. Really perplexed.

The two drives in question are a Lite-On LDW-451S and a BenQ DUAL 8x4x12.

Has anyone been able to backup a game (ps2 or xbox) with this application?