Burning ps2 games with traxdata dvd-

I have used 7 disc trying to get it to work. I manage to get one game working but the others have been a waste. The burning software i been using is dvd decrypter and nero .

i have an Nec 2510A with the firmware 2.F8.

i have tried with many other firmware but without success. so does anybody hade any suggessions what to do?

and ive tried with 2x 4x 8x without success

Does Nero give you any kind of burning error? If so, an error log would be great.


no not what i been seeing. but is there a way to se if the are any errors on the disks i have burned?

i have only burnt one disk with nero . mostly i use dvd decrypter for games

Could you post the mid of these traxdatas, you can use nero cdspeed, the ps2 doesn’t like all brands. I guess you had successfull burns but the ps2 has problems to read them.
Maybe time to change the media brand.

okey im working at it. but i think i get an error in dvd decrypter . if i put on verify in dvd decrypt it check the disc and then it comes an error message but i dont remember what it said. And with the working game the error never came.

im done with the check but i dont know how to upload it

this is a disk with a game on it. cant read it with the ps2

In cd Speed, click the floppy disc icon in the top right-hand corner, that will save the info as a .png file.

Then, when you post a reply, hit Manage Attachments (below the message box), and browse to your saved .png file. Then click Upload.


Ouch @ the “test”!

i dont know how to read those. is it bad or what?

hm when i tried to do a nerotest with the working disc i get this error “CANNOT READ MEDIUM - INCOMPATIBLE FORMAT (023002)”

I’m not very good, either - but it looks like there’s a lot of fluctuation in that read speed. What you want is a nice curve.

Try clicking the Disc Info tab, saving that as a .png, and posting it here - that will tell us the MID of the disc.


hm if you mean extra–>disc info it isn`t written anything there . lol sry for my bad english

one thing . when i did the test it stand that it was a blankdvd . but it isn’t

Honestly like i mentioned before i’d try some other media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and your problem should be solved.

yeah i’m gonna try som other brands. but its confusing that one game works perfectly and it reads everytime i put it in the ps2. it doesn’t have that sound that the other dvd’s have.

I agree with rapidfire - good luck! :slight_smile:

Well your media is just flaky. Some good, most bad. Use a different media.

Also, burn at 4x, and use DVD Decrypter.