Burning ps2 games and movies through Alcohol 120%

Hello there! I just bought a dvd burner ‘samsung ts-h552u’ with Nero Express 6, In CD4, Vision Express, BackItUp, Showtime and Recode. I also have Alcohol 120%.

Is there anyone who can guide me step by step on how to copy ps2 games and dvd movies through Alcohol 120%? Do I need any other apps to be able to copy?

Thanks in advance,

Is there a reason why you want to use Alcohol 120%? Via DVD Decrypter (freeware tool but discontinued (although via Google I’m sure you can find a download link)) it’s very easy to burn PS2 games:

[ol][li]Insert your PS2 game in your DVD reader.
[/li][li]Fire up DVD Decrypter and go to Mode > ISO > Read
[/li][li]Select a location where you want to save the file
[/li][li]After it’s done, insert a blank disc in your DVD recorder
[/li][li]Go back to DVD Decrypter and go to Mode > ISO > Write
[/li][li]Open the ISO file you just made in step 3/4.
[/li][*]Burn it![/ol]It’s as easy as that. Note that PS2 are often sensitive when it comes to reading DVDR media. Via trial and error you should find out which media your PS2 prefers. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your help. I prefer to burn it with Alcohol 120% because I already have the software, but I will see if I can find a DVD Decrypter to download.

There is an alcohol tutorial in my sig for ps2 games although dvd decryptor is easer as said before there is a tutorial for dvd decryptor also if you need it…

What are the differences between Alcohol 120% and DVD Decrypter? Are they both the same or one is better than the other? Thanks for all the infos!


Hi G@M3FR3@K I tried to burn a ps2 game but it didn’t work on my ps2
you said this in your last reply(you should find out which media your PS2 prefers) I did try to burn a movie and that did work on my ps2 with the same brand of DVD+R DISKthat I use to burn the ps2 game
can you please explain what you meant by (you should find out which media your PS2 prefers) Thanks

Before you even get in to what media your PS2 prefers, do you have a mod chip? If not, then your backup games won’t work at all.

Oh Darn so I need a mod chip where can I find this chip? and also I have the slim version ps2 Ineed sudgestion please

www.mod-chip.com to buy it ( I think that’s the site )

OR, go to your shopping center or ask around where you can find someone to mod your PS2. Markets are always a good place to go.

Be aware, once your PS2 is opened up, all warranty is voided… So just think about that before going ahead with it

Any will do as long as you have a modchip but dvd decryptor is easer to use…

Hehe LOL, yeah your PS2 needs to be modded for it to play backups of games. It does play DVD-Video back-ups when it’s not modded but that the only thing it will play :slight_smile:

i have an old 3004 chipped model playstation 2 that plays backup ps 1 games fine , but not back up DVD ps2 games the ones that i try to burn myself using the dvddecrypter method,just don’t work

“Old” and PS2 indicate that it may NEVER play DVD backups. Have you tried playing a backed up movie to see if it likes DVD media?

Old PS2’s have the world’s worst lasers.

This would be my first option also then post back your results

Hi guys, I used DVD Decrypter to backup my games and copy them as noted in the post above, but my games don’t run. Message that comes up…Please enter PS2 disk (or something like that). I even tried Alcohol 120, and had the same problem. I tried 4 different DVD makes as well as DVD-R, and DVD+R disks, and still had the same problem. When I tried to backup a copied game, that worked though. So what I am doing wrong here? Can someone please tell me why I cant get the orginal games to work?

If you read above, to play copied games on your PS2 you need a modchip. Or, if you don’t wish to void your warrenty, or you don’t feel up to modifying your console, search Google for SwapMagic. It’s an easy-to-use CD/DVD combo to allow your PS2 to play copied/imported games. The Coder addition also supports Action Replay codes.