Burning PS2 Games ADVICE

Hi guys,
i recently installed swap magic on my 2 years old SLIMLINE PS2,i now i am ready to make some backups copy of my original games.I think i have all the right tools:

  • HP Computer with vista
  • Dvd Decrpyter
  • Dvd burner
  • Original game
  • Blank Media ???
    My real problem is i don’t know what media to use i read a lot of information on different type of media but i still can’t make a choice,i know that i should probably use dvd+r since my ps2 is fairly new or shoul i ?and Taiyo Yuden for media,
    my problem with taiyo yuden is that i reside in edmonton canada and i don’t have access to these disc.So i was thinking of using 16x Verbatim Disc (or 8x) .Now the speed of bruning, if i actually use 16x Verbatim is it better to do it at 8X?
    Guys i know you get these question a lot and i am sorry but please help me,any other suggestion plz let me know.e.g:
    -media (with speed)
    Good day

Just use Verbatim or TY they have both worked fine for me -R that is, as for burning speed it’s a matter of testing really. x8 Verbs and TY burn best for me on my 111 at x8 where as the x16 Verbs for me also burn great at x8.

tks man