Burning PS2 Bin / Cue files to DVD

Has any body found a way to Burn a PS2 Bin/ Cue file to dvd I downloaded a Bin file from the net and cant seem to be able to write it to disc. And yes I do own the original disc but my kids seem to think they are for throwing around with the amount of scratches that are on them - Sadly this actual disc will now not load at all so I have sorced a downloaded version fron the net but cant copy it to disc. It is nearly 2gb in size so will not fit to any cd format as the origianal is a DVD any way. I have access to various copy software ie Nero 6. Clone Cd, Vcd easy, Cdr win etc any help would be appeciated. I have successfully back up all my other games and put the originals away for safe keeping as I would advise other people to do as £30 - £40 per game dont take long before you have lost a fortune in disc s only good for toasters

It will need to be written to a dvd-+r if it is that size not a cd-r. If it is in bin cue format then this is cdrwin that you need to burn this with though nero can also cope with these select “recorder/burn image” then select the cue file and viola.

Nero cant write a bin to dvd I think ? I may be wrong as when you go to write it will only allow me to put a cdr media in and as you know it wont fit on a cdr. If I insert a dvd media it says nero cant write to this kind of media please insert a cdr or cdrw. As I did say it would NOT FIT on a cdr only on a DVD. You say cdrwin will do it I will try and post my results thanks. any one else know of any other ways please feel free to let me know Thanks

I have loaded cdrwin 5 but cant see how to burn BIN / CUE files. anyone who has used this version can you please give as much detailed instructions on how to copy Bin/Cue to a DVD thanks

cdrwin This is cdrwin, try burning the image with this software.

[list=1]click on record disc icon “top left”
Select correct drive at the top
Click on load cue sheet
Browse to cue file
Select speed
Click Burn Disc
[/list=1]This should cure your problem.

If you are still having problems open the cue file with notepad and tell us what it says.

Hi Johnboy and thanks for ya time
The file reads as follows
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
When i open CDRWIN and did as you said it says disk is longer than 74 mins do i wish to continue, I have a blank DVD in the drive so I said yes and it comes up with this ERROR: 'START DAO RECORD, command failed on devise 2:0:0 disc type not supported
Thanks aging for your time:sad:

Mmmmm. This has me stumped but if you can supply the details to the following then we can eleminate the simple stuff.[list=1]What version of cdrwin are you using?
What make / model /firmware is your drive?
What version of nero are you using?
what is the media you are trying to burn to?