Burning ps2 backup .bin file

Hi, I’ve got a .bin file of one of my PS2 DVD games. However I don’t have the .CUE file. No matter what I try to do I can’t get it to burn. I’ve tried Daemon tools, and mounted the .BIN file but it wouldn’t read it. Help! Thanks

Try discjuggler, that should burn it right

Just make another image of it … After all its an image of a game you already own isnt it.

If we’re going to get touchy, it’s for a game that I don’t have the original of any more.

I am not being touchy, I was just pointing out an obvious solution yo your problem. In this case what you are doing is illegal as you can only backup games you own. Have you read the forum rules?

Haven’t you really got something else you can be getting on with? I’ve lost the original somewhere while moving house. I can’t believe I’m wasting my time typing in this reply! Can anyone useful help me out here. Thanks
[And lost your cue sheet too apparently. Assuming you did own the original and made the bin youself before losing it, you can either write your own cue sheet or burn the the bin with dj as suggested or fireburner without the cue. However, since I’m not prepared to make that assumption and since this is a warez free forum, thread closed. … philamber]