Burning PS/2 cd onto DVD


I am new to this CD and DVD burning business.
We got a second hand PS2. For some strange reason it will not run CD games even though they are OEM PS2 games. DVD games are no problem.

Can I easily burn PS2 CDs onto DVDs?

Is there something wrong with the PS2 that needs fixing? :confused:


  • Is your PS2 modified?
  • By OEM do you mean real original PS2 games?
  • Does it run DVD Videos?

If by OEM you mean retail ps2 games then the reason it is not booting cd games is ether A. As its second hand it may be a older ps2 with a weak laser B. As its a second hand ps2 the chance’s are the laser has worn there for it has trouble with cds.

No not really. You can’t just simply put a CD Ps2 game rip it too a dvd then play it on your PS2.

Does your console still have a warranty? Is the warranty sticker still there. Cause I think Sony has a life time warranty thing don’t they?

If it doesn’t try buying a new laser or adjusting the pot and toc levels.

If that doesn’t work try buying a new laser.

Thanks for the replies,

Just to answer a few questions.

I do not think my PS2 is modified. We can run DVD games - (oem) original PS2, DVD movies.
We get read errors with CDs - PS1, PS2, games and CD videos.

We have a SCPH - 50003, see pictures. I cannot find any pictures of our laser in the links, I think it is a v10 (???) .
On those pictures where are the pods to measure the resistance?

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