Burning programs



Recently I bought a CDR/RW burner with the name Medion, it doesn’t work with any programs except for Nero and CloneCd, but I want to use Easy CD Creator but it can’t find my recorder as a lot of programs like gear, hotburn, winoncd…

If anyone could help me I would be very GRATEFUL!


well just look in the supported devices section of the programs if your recorder is supported. If not just mail the companies and ask if they plan to add the recorder in the future or not.




Tnx for your answer Sies.

I’ll see if it helps!



Why do you wanna use Adaptec if you got Nero and CloneCD?

TheScape http://scapewarez.cjb.net


To TheScape:

You see I am what you call a newbie?!,
and my friends tell me it is a great program and easy to use for me.

And I really don’t understand CloneCd because every image I make doesn’t work to copy…

That’s why.