Burning Program with All Codecs

I’m sure this question has been asked a million different times on this site, so I’m extremely sorry if this is a “repost,” but I can’t seem to dig my way through the tech speak to see what is relevant.

My Problem is:
I am attempting to burn downloaded videos to DVD, how ever most of them are considered “corrupted” so Windows Media Player won’t play them and therefore won’t let me burn them to DVD. I use VLC media play to watch them because it has all the preinstalled Codecs that allow the videos to play, but VLC is not a burner program. Bascially, is there a player out there that has both the preinstalled codecs and can burn?

I am running Windows Vista on a Toshiba Satellite laptop

Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!

again sorry if this is a repost

A player is for playing stuff, a transcoder/editer does that other stuff.

Combos all cost money…

@ gosurfbum,

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It should be noted that Legally obtained downloaded Videos do not contain ANY considered “corrupted” problems.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to re-review the Forum Rules (http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/announcement-rules-forum-some-tips-guidelines.html) and note the comments concerning “Downloads”.


BJ I in no way mentioned, described, or suggested how said videos were obtained except that they were “downloaded” so you have no idea in what manner those videos were obtained. File corruption can occur from many different sources (a simple incompatibility with a program could bring up that message)…Otherwise my message did not contain any foul, offensive or vulgar language, solicit any type of program, or make a request for illegal program advice. So I appreciate your concern, but I have very strictly followed the websites guidelines in order to maintain the integrity of this very valuable site. Thanks for your input

For those who have actual advice to my question or know any LEGAL freeware that would meet my needs, please let me know!

Thanks again!

DVDFlick and FAVC are a couple.