Burning Proctected Audio CD!

I have a Japanese cd called “Ayumi Hamasaki - Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance 2” and i can’t seem to burn it properly. i have ended up with 4 coasters already, and my burner is a TDK 401248X from Australia. I have used Clony, and it has detected the cd as being a Key2Audio protected, but i know it is not since Key2Audio cds can’t be played on a computer and i have played it on my pc before. When i put the cd in my AOpen 1640Pro DVD drive it detects it as being unprotected, but i am certain it is protected. There is 1 ring around the very centre, and a ring on the outer edge where the data ends. The CD is made by Avex Trax. Any help?

Also, i have tried ripping the tracks to my pc, but that does not seem to work properly. My drive i excellent at audio extraction, but i am unable to extract the first track! Also, each track after 1 (ie 2,3,4 etc) seems to contain little crackles in them from time to time which are not part of the composition. I have used various programs, Easy CDDA Extractor, Nero, TDK Digital Mix Master.

Any Advice out there??

UPDATE!!..The cd is now being detected as a CD Extra.

Have you tried the suggestions mentioned in this thread on our Audio Forum? There are different version of Key2Audio so when one disc works it doesn’t mean another disc will also work… For copy-protected audio discs I use the ‘Multimedia Audio CD’ Profile in CloneCD. Works for me although it depends on your drive if you can read the disc.

I just used Clony XXL to scan for bad sectors, and found out that there were:

Total Sectors: 332849
Read Sector: 17708
Read Errors: 17709
and in the box it says

read errors: 0
read errors: 1
read errors: 17708

ClonyXXL cannot always recognize the used audio protection on the disc! It could also be Cactus Data Shield for instance since I’ve seen that protection producing read errors. I think I’ll move this thread to our Audio Forum so you can discuss it there. This isn’t really CloneCD related…

Oops… sorry i forgot to mention that i was using the Clony settings for Clonecd and it still doesn’t work! When i look at the log, all it omes up with are error after error after error…:confused: :confused:
It takes like 5 mins just to read 10 bad sectors, so i was wondering if you could speed it up or something?

If CloneCD doesn’t work try some of the tools mentioned in the thread I linked to in my first reply.

Try to determine the used protection first, then we might be able to help you further. Read the thread mention as last item in my signature.

well… for all there’s a FINAL solution (with audio cd) :bigsmile:

have you a cd player? like playstation, portable compact disc or whatever that play cd?

well buy a RCA cable with a single final jack, put it into your line-in of your audio card and record. :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s simple.

For BEST OF THE BEST recording is SoundForge 6
for (if needed) audio adjusting
MAXX Waves Audio Processors.

good play!:wink:

P.S.: try to explain better your problem, i’ll help you better SURELY! (kind of protection, system (os) problems etc…)

Why not use digital ?

EDIT : Playstations are said to be picky about protected CDs.

Hey i think i just found out what protection it is. There is a folder in the cd called PLAYER and then inside was a text file called VERSION.TXT and it says;

3.0 build 16a

So i can say that this is a CDS200 protected CD. Also, Clony still doesn’t detect it for some reason. Even the info on the integrated CD player says it is from midbartech, which is the maker of CDS200

Can i use the marker method to burn this cd? Instead of using permanent marker, can i use a Whiteboard marker? or what about sticky tape(clear type)? Thank YOu!!

:smiley: :bigsmile: :cool:

Originally posted by Upp3rd0G
Read the thread mention as last item in my signature.

For more info on why Cloney cannot detect which audio protection is used and more info on marker/felt-tip-pen-trick.