Burning Process

All I want to know is the burning process from computer to blank dvd. I already have the full-disc movie in the computer and now I want to get it onto the blank and, to put it simply, I want to just get a movie bigger than 4.7 GB’s into a 4.7 GB blank. I know it requires DVd Shrink and I have Nero 7 essentials but i don’t really trust it so one of my friends sugggested ImgBurn.

or maybe someone can suggested something that they feel works best. And is it possible to copy the exact same DVD menu title from the original?

My Dvd Shrink is set up to only allow English audio & no subtitles. Dvd Shrink / Edit / Preferences. Pics removed because they are part of a larger project.

The question I would like to know is the last pic here when you highlight above everything, where in mine it says ARMAGEDN what does the % reading on the right hand side say?

Or you can use DVDFab and have it done.


so the question hasnt really been answered, i’m not really sure what to make of the information that has been given to me.

You can use DVDShrink and compress the whole movie to fit onto a blank dvd. Start Shrink, hit Open Files, find the movie on the hard drive, hit Backup. This will open a small window and I suggest clicking on the box for Deep Analysis and the box for Adaptive error compensation under the Quality Tab.

Once you have your targets set the way you want, hit OK and it will start the compression process.

Burn the resulting dvd video with the burning program of your choice. I personally would set DVDShrink to output as an ISO and burn with ImgBurn, but you don’t have to do that.

There are many guides to using DVDShrink. I suggest going through some of them. www.mrbass.org or www.dvdshrink.info

If you want higher quality output with full backups, I also think you should look into a program called DVDRebuilder. There is a free version available.

Your ? will be answered, but I asked you one because it sounds like you wish to shrink the full dvd down to fit on a single layer disc. What don’t you understand about the info given, have you used Dvd Shrink before? Do you only wish to know about the burning process with ImgBurn, if so google ImgBurn, visit the main site, where you can download the program & view numerous guides on how to burn with it.

Oh no i’ve never used DVD shrink i just wanted to know the process once I get it. oh and will the original dvd menu title be the same?