Burning Probs

I have tried many times to backup a DVD9. The only thing I am downsizing is the movie, I am leaving the extras untouched. The stpes I use are:
1- rip entire movie - DVDdecyrptor
2- move movie vobs to separate dir
3- create ifo’s using IFOEDIT
4- change vob names to VTS_01_XX.vob
5- downsize using dvd2one
6- rename new vobs back to original file names
7- update IFO ( tried using make it easy and IFO-update

Everything completes with no errors or problems, the files on the HDD play using powerdvd, but when i try to burn with the latest Nero, I get 2 error messages, and the burned DVD-R does not read in my stand-alone or in the puter.

Please help

It would really help to know the nature of the error messages.

What do the files you are trying to burn amount to size-wise?

You are selecting the original IFO path and authored IFO paths in ifoupdate correctly? You have the ifoupdate settings correct (adjusted cell mode, autocorrect VTS sectors and autoanalyze original IFO – and that’s all)? As an added measure, did you try to run GET VTS sectors on all files prior to the burn?

How are you trying to burn the files? That is, what mode, settings, etc.?

I had this problem some time ago. I now burn with a Pioneer AO4 with the latest firmware. I use nero as the software. You must purchase good DVD’s I have found Traxdata very good, but success is only achieved burning at 1x. Also I ensure the total DVD is no greater than 4G total.
When I go to 2x I fail!

I get the same warnings/errors in latest version of Nero, but I ignore them and burn anyway. I haven’t had a coaster yet.

As mentioned above, try again using good quality media (riteks) and you will have success.

Also using Pioneer 104 (v.1.31).