Burning probs

Hi, am having a prob copying my DVD videos from my Hard drive unto a DVD-R. I had already ripped the video from a DVD and it plays pretty well on my PC but each time i try copying it unto a DVD-R 4.7, it successfully passes through the compliance test but ejects the DVD-R inside DVD R writer (lightscribe DVD -/+ R) and keep asking me to insert a disck. The total size of the movie is 1.7GD less than half of the DVD-R. I’ve tried both ROXIO & NERO 9 softwares which i often use in burning. what could possible be the problem???

sorry, i am not following exactly your problem. :frowning:

is this proper?

[li]ripping dvd to hard drive, successful
[li]playing rip from hard drive, successful
[li]writing ripped file to dvd and verify, successful
[li]playing back the burned dvd [in dvd drive], fails

Can you post the Nero log?


Try using a good quality DVD burner such as Samsung’s SH-S203N. 20X SpeedPlusTM Serial ATA Internal DVD-Writer 20X (found online for under $30.00)

Use only Verbatim 16X DVD+R media

and Use DVDFab to rip and CloneDVD to burn.

Using that combo you cannot go wrong !

Eric :slight_smile: