Burning prob's

Hi i new to this so go easy on me please.

Right when i was running windows xp i could burn all dvd’s at 8x and never ever had any probs at all,

I have just Got Windows vista and the nero upgrade for vista and i am really having probs, All my films are jumping when i copy at 8x and even at 4x there not so bad but they are still doing it.

I dont know were to start trouble shooting thought as there is no error msg every thing seems to be fine untill you play the dvd.

Please any one got any help at all as i said i just dont know were to start

Hello wrighty_uk_gorl
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Vista is a resource HOG and has alot of issue with lots of programs at this time but will be worked out.
Jumping can be caused by many things burning to fast , runing other programs in the background even bad media (blank DVD’s)
Please read the post in my signature below called "THE BURNING FACTOR"
it will give you some good tips

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Being an early adopter of any MS software can cause headaches. And note that Vista is DRM heaven.


Righty just burned the same film to a dvd+rw and played back and it seems to be fine and i mean fine tryed agian on my dvd-r that i have been using for the last 8 or 9 months with no prob and the film plays really bad.

I have hunted the web high and low and getting no were fast i have tryed other software same prob What the hell could be cousing this as all the information is on the cd prob as it plays fine in my computer but tryed on 3 dvd players all jump when on xp i never had any probs at all thanks wrighty

if u still have your xp disc…reinstall…if not…your stuck until a fix comes out for vista…never jump on a new OS when it comes out…for at least a year…always bugs

I have tryed again on xp and every thing works fine… I can not beleave it being a vista prob though as the info is on the dvd just the information dont seem to be strong enough

strong enough?

I dont know how to explain, Right errrrrr It is as if the information is on the dvd and the dvd player in me laptop can read it but the information is not on there strong enought for my 2 dvd players or xbox to read i know that is impossible but thats what it seem like. As it plays in all computers fine

ah ok…i see…you think that the data is not on there strong enuff cause your dvd players won’t read it…this is a symptom of a few things…1/…crappy media burnt to fast…2/…try some +r discs instead of those RW…they’re not ideal for burning movies or backups…not too reliable…if u can go back to xp and stay w/ some +r discs…you should be golden

I c were ya comming from but i can not get my head around why xp on my -r dvd’s work fine slap vista on and the same dvd’d on the same burning giving me all this

think of it this way…never buy anything brand new out of the box(if it’s a new process/style)…like never buy a brand new style car…new design,engine etc…they will always have bugs…if u buy that same model car a few years later…by then…the bugs and fixes will have been work’t out of it…same w/ windows…wait awhile for the fixes/bugs/kinks to get worked out of it and try it then…:)…just because MS or someone around you says you need to upgrade to vista…doesn’t mean u have to…stick w/ what works

Well thanks !!! Looks like i wil have to keep hunting as i really can not beleave this is a vista prob… But thanks for ya time in reading

no problem

if it works in xp and it’s not in vista…then it’s either vista or the nero upgrade…which it certtainly could be…Nero always has issues

Can you say which burner model and mainboard you’re using, [B]wrighty_uk_gorl[/B]?

I’ll just add that burning problems on my system is one of the reasons I quit using the Vista trial a couple months ago. I believe this to be related to the IDE drivers included in Vista.

Right all i solved my prob updated my bios and all on, Also would like to add it ok telling me to stay of vista for a year but if it was not for people like me the probs in vista would never get found or sorted but thanks all for ya help

but if it was not for people like me the probs in vista would never get found or sorted

Right. Is Bill Gate’s check on the way?

GOOD ONE :bigsmile: