Burning problems

My system is :-
Windows XP
IBM 61GB Harddrive Primary Master
Liteon 48x Writer Primary Slave
Pioneer DVD 117 Secondary Master
Mirai 32x Writer Secondary Slave

When trying to burn i get communication error in nero. I have swaped the drives around using 80 wire ide cables still no good. Changed to 40 wire ide cables got it working for a day then had all the problems again. Any one got any tips cause am pulling my hair out with this on. All drives are running in DMA mode 2 as well.
Thanks for your time
Ian Ellis:( :frowning: :frowning:

no need to change the cables from 80-core to 40-core.

Try removing/uninstalling the Primary & Secondary IDE Controllers drivers in XP & rebooting.

Put the 80 wire back in and done what you said having no communication errors but burning VCD’s on the fly using the pioneer and 48x writer is taking 6 minutes yet a mp3 takes 21/2 minutes have any ideas?
Thanks for your help
Ellogg:bow: :bow:

Well, what software are you using for copying VCDs on the fly.

Normally VCD data is not extracted from a VCD @ full speed of the drive (e.g. 48x).

My Lite-On 48125S has max speed of reading/extracting VCDs of only 40x. All other CDs can be read @ full speed i.e. 48x.

Use Nero DriveSpeed & see whats the max speed of your Pioneer when you insert the VCD.

Also, try copy a normal data CD like an MP3 disc on the fly & see the time. It should be 2 & 1/2 mins.

Post your results.:wink: