Burning problems


I use the latest release of Nero to burn all my DVD’s. I find that I usually get this same problem. When I watch the .avi file on my PC it’ll be OK, but after burning it…somtimes, partway through the DVD my audio will start coming out of synch…or the video will start getting choppy. Yet, as I say…the .AVI itself is fine cause I can watch it on my PC and it’s perfect. Any help would be appreciated.



Then try with other, better dvd media first.

if its divx to dvd your trying to achive then the best I’ve used is VSO DIVX to DVD.

I use ConvertXtoDVD here for DivX/Xvid/avi to DVD, works like a charm every time, with good media of course. :wink:

Arachne, my bad description but same prog, very good.