Burning Problems

I too am having problems with Nero burning from Roxie Easy CD Creator 5 to a new Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1P33C. I hated the Nero 7 Essentials that came with the Lite-On because it took over and changed all of my iTunes and movie files so I uninstalled Nero and it appears that Roxie doesn’t seem to recognize or support the Lite-On. When I push Record on Roxie it says No supported DVD devices detected. I tried updating the Firmware and it wouldn’t do it. Is there a burner program other than Nero that supports and recognizes the Lite-On and works well???

Thanks for any help!


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Update that tool!!!

Older versions of Roxio/Adaptec software had hard coding for the drives they supported and that was a serious issue that many of us had with that version. You’ll not get an update so you can forget about burning with Easy CD Creator 5. You should be able to get a copy of V7/V7.5 - thought by many to be the best versions - quite cheaply on the likes of Ebay.

Other options for you are ImgBurn , CDBurnerXP Pro , Burrrn (Audio CDs only). These are all free and excellent choices.

Personally, I scrapped both Roxio and Nero entirely. The real trick is to completely remove both-that also means making sure that ALL Registry entries related to BOTH programs are gone as best you can.
WARNING: Editing the Reigistry is dangerous! You do so at your own risk.
I happen to have Roxio 7.3 sitting here and will never install it (hint). I switched to Ashampoo Burning Studio 7 and love it. No issues at all. It recognizes every drive I have. It is also not burdened with the dreaded DLA or InCD type of add-on that causes all sorts of issues. You can test Burning Studio before buying it-very reasonably priced, btw.
As to the files-you can reset the associations and that should take care of that.