Burning problems!

Hi Folks

Have a pretty major problem you might be able to help me with.

It’s regarding Downloading & Burning to CD-R…

The problem arises with Live albums & continuing album tracks from the previous track.When burning to CD from a download i seem to be geting a slight audiable pause as the track changes to the next.I’ve activated the ‘No pause between tracks’ facility on my burner programme but the pause still seems to be there! You can imagine how anoying this is when listerning to a concert. Wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem please?


It’s often down to there being silence at the start or end of the track itself.

I know it’s a bit old but there’s a guide to gapless CDs which is here .

There’s actually an application called Acoustica MP3 CD Burner will should automatically remove any silences at track start or end. It costs but it’s probably worth it.

You could use Audacity to cut/edit out pause…

Hi thanks for that but it’s nothing to do with silence.Imagine a live concert as a track finished & the audience comes in as it’s changing to the next track, it’s the actuall change to next track on the machine thats causing the pause,this should’nt happen & i guess if i tried removing it would be an actual nightmare…

Yes I know what you mean and had the same problem. You need Adobe Audition and use some of the plug-in filters with it and it will fix it up in a few mouse clicks. :slight_smile:

I always used cooledit and wavelab for such projects, never had problems.

you could also use SoundForge…I use it all the time and it works just great

Wow! Thanks folks think i’ll stick to old fashion Analogue recording.This is crazy…

Cheers Tim given it one last go before i pack the whole MP-3 Cherade in,the Acoustica is the the best i’ve tried but i wish they would give a cut off option of a tad less than 0.1 then it would be perfect.