Burning problems


I have a question and I would be very happy if someone could help me out. my cd burner is burning really slowly, it needs like 22 minutes to burn a dvd (without data verification) when before (one year ago, i have bought a new computer 2 years ago) it needed like 10-most. also it needet 5 right after I formatted my disk.
do you know what could be wrong?

tnx very much, gwin.

This is typical of DMA not being enabled correctly. Try this thread .

try this

Beat you.

sure did…

Since AnyDVD isn’t a burning program, what is the connection here to be in this thread???

That’ll be why I asked for it to be moved then.

I would move thread but I think he has his answer.

Thank you, but i don’t think it worked. it’s still burning around 20 minutes. and also I can’t do anything else while it’s burning (what a show or somentihg). I didn’t tell this then.
Ow, bilbo and tim, sorry that I have posted this here, but I’m new here and didn’t know where to post it. oh, ja, bythe way, it’s a she. :slight_smile:

Thank you anyway.

I am moving this post to CD-DVD Burning software where I think you might get more help.

That’s always a sure sign that the burner or HDD is in PIO mode & not DMA mode.
Have you actually checked in Device Manager what the “Current Transfer Mode” for the burner & HDD are.

ja, i checked. i changed the transfer mode in secondary IDE channel in to dma, the first was already DMA. the problem is that the current transfer mode in the secondary channel is PIO, but I can’t change it. it’s stady - grey. i don’t know…but i tried, really…

try this then
uninstall the burner in device manager, then rebooting. When the system reboots, Windows automatically detects the burner and installs it anew.
i think you have had to many CRC Errors which is why it’s greyed out.

stil it’s burning like 15 minutes (without data verification) and not the full dvd. and also burns with errors so i can’t play it well. and i cant watch a movie in btw. and i didn’t have this problems before.
still when i was looking into the device manager i saw that in network adapters on the first two there are two red x-es. i tried to update them with the windows cd, but it didn’t find a better match. could it have something to do with the network adapters?

sorry to buther you so much…