Burning problems

OK here it is I tried to burn 8 different movies I’m using Ridata +R and burning at 1x, I’m using the lastest version of anydvd & clone dvd, I did find DMA enabled on one of my 2 burners and disabled it, the birning process always finishes but when I try to watch the movies sometimes they play and mess up at the end or they won’t play at all. I have reburned 3 of the 8 and they work but is there something else I should check. Both burners are Liteons 851s & 1633. I think it might be a media problem, I’ve used this media for the past 18 months w/ about 15 bad burns (maybe time for a media change, any and all help welcomed) Is there something out there to check the media before burning ?
This is the first 50 pk out of 4, thinking of sending back the 3 pks left of Ridata

well…what is the media code of the RIDATA discs?..also what Firmware are u using on the drives?..btw, burning @ 1x my be too slow and will often cause the burns to be more prone to error and DMA should be enabled. hope this helps a bit. :slight_smile:

ummm yeah…

your problems: disabling DMA and burning at 1x

I will enable DMA on both drives, and will try another writing speed, btw how would I get the media code and what do the codes mean ?
Thanks for the fast replies

u can get the media code by using NERO CD-DVD SPEED, and the media codes tell u what media it is :p…(the manufacturer ID - MID). if ur using 4x RIDATA media, then ur the code should be RITEK R02, 8x and 16x should be RITEK R03 and RITEK R04 respectively *Note that these will be the media codes for the DVD+R media not the DVD-R. :slight_smile:

ok the problem seems to be with my liteon 1633, I was using that one to burn but noticed that even when I tried to play a original movie it would pause, I did a firmware update thru the liteon web site but the burner still does the same thing after the flash update, any ideas?
I burned the movies reading and writing on the liteon 851 with no problems, I also am burning the movies at 6x ( the disc are RITEK 8x )
Is there another firmware I should try?

Thanks for any and all help