Burning Problems

Alright, I got this I/O Magic Internal DVD±RW/±R 16168 dual format double layer…laddy doddy i dont really follow all of this. Anyways, I can’t get the thing to burn a dvd, movie file. It does do cds and that whole bit. The big problem it seems is that it wont even recognize my dvd+R disks. Why might this be? Or is it messed up for some other reason. Keep it simple because I am as newb as it comes on this stuff.

Ok please tell us what software you are using to burn DVD’.
What DVD you are trying to copy.
The make and if possible the media code of the disc’s you’re using.
Welcome to the forum you will find it has a wealth of information on many subjects. Please feel free to search and read. The joke’s thread in the living room is a particular joy.

All of this depends on software/FW/Media!
Does it recognise your drive as a DVD burner? So can you burn a data file? If it will then you have a Software issue!

NeroSuite v6.3.1.25 and im using some cheap nexxtech dvd+r disks. as far as media type i have no idea. but i cant get anything on em

had a I/O Magic once and sent it back did not work very good. Do not know if that is your problem. Cheap disk or disk the I/O Magic could be the problem.