Burning problems?

i installed blindwrite last week and now have uninstalled it as was causing problems (i think!!). my disks get to 98%ish then fail but not all the time juts every now and then for about 3 or 4 disks. i still have the above (see pic) on control panel and don’t know if it doing anything??? how do i get rid of this??
i have installed a new writer and reader to check that but still doing it. what settings should my ide controllers be on as want to check ???

Please send an Error Log of the faulty Burns. If you go into your Add - Remove Programs The Patin Couffin Driver should be in there available to uninstall. Conversly it should be in the device manager also where it can at least be disabled. It is unusual for the PC engine to cause conflicts but not unheard of. There are many other causes of faulty burns.

pm them to you mate or put in here???

Uninstall Blindwrite if possible.

Whatever tickles your fancy. Posting them here can help future freakers.

He already has, generally it doesnt include the uninstall of the Patin Couffin Engine though.

Yo, so were it solved??

sorry not replied for ages and got new thread about problems as unistalled blind write and still have problems