Burning problems

I’ve been doing wonderful burns (very good results with kprobe) with my 451@832 (CG3E firmware), at any speed, but the greatest results where obtained with +r media @8x, so I always use this writing speed.
In my last 2-3 burns there’s a little-big problem: when nero it’s burning (data or video dvd) my pc slows down too much, I can do anything but watching nero… Moreover the driver goes about 3-4 times in buffer underrun! Btw the results are still very good… I experienced this problem with various kind of media: ritek, ricoh and mcc… The problem persists!
I checked if my hard disk and drives are in udma mode, and they are! The hd is in udma mode 5 and the 451@832 is in udma 2…

Where can be the problem? Tell me it’s just a windzoz problem! I’ll try to burn a dvd under linux if necessary!

Many Thanks!

Defrag you hard drives. also, increase the buffer size in Nero. the buffer underrun is not your drifve, it is nero failing to deliver enough data in a constant stream.

I defragmented my hd… but it said that some files couldn’t be defragmented, guess what: the are dvd isos and ripped video dvd…
Nero lets me set the buffer at 80mb, not more…