Burning Problems with SATA Drives

Hi all,

I have recently bought a new pc (Dell XPS 420) and now when i burn DVD i find that about halfway through them they start to jump/freeze/pixelate.

I am using the same software as i previously used on my old pc ( VSO/Shrink/Nero) without any of these issues, now with a faster more powerful machine i find im getting these issues.

When i originally did my first few DVDs with my old pc i got this problem and after a little investigation i found that by enabling DMA it was cured, but with my new (and so called improved) PC i cannot enable DMA as all the drives are SATA, i was going to just install an IDE DVD drive but alas no IDE sockets anywhere to be seen.

Is there something i can do/tweak or set that will improve the burn quality so as i dont end up with the greatest collection of cd coasters ever???

I have 2 DVD drives, one NEC Optiarc and the one that came with the PC PBDS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Do you have any problems playing commercial dvds? Or burning data files? Or cds?

If none of these are issues, I suspect your problem may have more to do with poor media than SATA trouble. Low quality disks often show pixellation, skipping and other problems. What type are you using now?

The most recommended disks around here are Taiyo Yuden 8x (found online at shops like rima.com) and Verbatim 16x made in Taiwan.

By the way, it might help to know the model NEC you have and if you have the latest firmware for the drive. Download Nero CD/DVD Speed (free) and look at the opening window in it. It will tell us both the model and the firmware. You can also identify the manufacturer id code of the media you are using now with the Disk Info tab.

Hi Kerry,

I dont seem to have problems with cd’s or dvd playback at all only when i try to play burnt dvds on my tv from stand alone dvd player.
I ran the test you recomended and hopefully have posted the scrrengrab here.

Try the Disc Qualty scan please…

Your model is 7191s and the firmware appears to be the latest one from what I could find on the net. It is version 1.01

If you’ll click on the Disk Info tab, we will be able to see what type of disks you are using now.

I’m not sure the NEC’s are all that good for Quality scans though. And you’d need to load a burned disk for that one.

Is this what you need?

Hope its here this time:disagree:

Or this???

The scan doesn’t look all that bad. I’ve seen much worse that played well. I still recommend changing media to Verbatim 16x—just avoid the ones made in India. The Taiwanese Verbatim single layer disks are very good.

It looks like you burned this movie in the PBDS drive and scanned in the NEC. The PBDS is a Phillips/BenQ drive that is actually a rebadged Lite-on. Then sold by Dell. Can that get any more confusing? In any case, the Lite-on based drives are generally very good scanners, so I would use it for scanning your burned disks.

I think I would go to the NEC/Optiarc forum here at cdfreaks and see if you can find any threads on the 7191s burner. See what other people are using for media, and what is working well. Verbatim and TY are usually good with anything, so those would be safe choices for your drive, I would think. And changing the media would be what I would try next.

Good luck. Let us know how things are progressing.

Edit: Forgot to mention this. If you want to try again with the CMC disks you have now, reduce the burning speed to 8x. Actually this is the speed I burn all my dvd video, so you might want to do this with new disks too.